Spirit Of The Northern Sky (2013)

Track Listing
  1. Tribute to the Maestro
    (March-John M Mason/Strathspey-27, Victoria Drive/Reel-The ‘Click’)
  2. Jigs
    (Burning Bracken/The Dufftown Rally/The Angel’s Share/The Trip To Kelso)
  3. March
    (Willie Kidd’s Welcome to Orkney)
  4. Polka
    (The Fairy Nuff)
  5. Pipe Marches
    (Here’s To The Pipes/My Home/The Barron Rocks Of Aden/Bonnie Dundee/The Black Bear)
  6. Reels
    (Shiftin’ Bobbins/Elegant Esther Gray/Highland Lassie/Ellenbrook)
  7. The Huntsmans Jigs
    (Caroline Lambie ‘Formannoch’/Queen’s Pudding For The Teacher/La Belle Danseuse)
  8. The Circassion Circle
    (Original/The Drapperaff Hornpipe/Storer s Hornpipe/Threave Cottage)
  9. Highland Barn Dance
    (Lord MacDonald Of MacDonald (Kinloch Lodge)/Captain Horne)
  10. The Sleeping Warrior
  11. Reels
    (Tapping Toes/Evelyn’s Reel/The Road To Kettle/The Best Of Twa)
  12. Two-Step
    (The Lord Lieutenant)
  13. Polka
    (The Furry Boots)
  14. The Deil’s Fiddle
  15. The Rose Of Galloway
  16. Hornpipes
    (The Handsome Poughboy/The Chester/The Steam Boat/A Traditional Hornpipe, Miss Gayton’s)
  17. Reels
    (The Black Dance/Glen Buchat Lodge/Miss Forbes Farewell To Banff/Cairney Mount)
  18. Jigs From The Gow Collection
    (Grace Haty’s Delight/Drummond Castle/Peggy’s Wedding/Bung Your Eye/Money In Both Pockets)

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