Martin Duncan

Martin started playing the bagpipes at the age of 8 and piping has been an important part of his life ever since.
Initially a member of Queensferry and District Pipe Band, he played with Vancouver Police Pipe Band whilst living in Canada and Heriot-Watt University Pipe Band on returning to Edinburgh. He is now a member of Stockbridge Pipe Band and he plays regularly with them at competitions, community events and corporate functions.
As well as being a piper, Martin enjoys playing the fiddle and has been a member of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra as a second violin since 1992.

Jamie Westhead

Jamie is 18 and plays the bagpipes with the Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools Pipe Band in Edinburgh, he began learning the chanter at the age of 5. He is formerly a member of the National Youth Pipe band of Scotland Development band. Jamie has competed in a variety of solo competitions across Scotland including, the Aberlour Highland Games, national solo competitions and the Glasgow Highland Club. Jamie enjoys different styles of pipe music, and particularly likes playing music composed by Gordon Duncan and Fred Morrison. In between piping, his other interests include golf, hockey and running.