The Rally at the 1983 Mod (SFO Podcast)

This edition of the podcast focuses on a television performance from 1983.

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra has its roots in fiddlers’ rallies, so it is fitting that we should highlight a concert which featured a sizeable proportion of SFO members.

This 40-minute recording was originally broadcast live on BBC 1 television at 10pm on 08 October 1983.

The performance includes jigs, reels, marches, a Strathspey, polkas and Highland Schottisches, as well as 3 songs by Mary Sandeman,

You’ll need to give this a listen if you want to find out:

  • What Donny MacLeod’s favourite song title of all time is (clue: it comes from the North-East of Scotland);
  • Which 1970s chart-topping song Mary Sandeman sings in Gaelic (which was not her own No.1 single); and
  • How well an audience can join in with singing (as well as dancing) to a set of sing-along Scottish waltzes.
Podcast 3 – The Rally at the Motherwell Mod – October 1983

NOTE: The above audio is in mp3 format and is also downloadable, if you wish to listen at a time when you may not have a reliable internet connection. Other devices are available but, on a PC, for example, if you right-click on the 3 vertical dots at the right side of the audio player, the drop-down menu should offer the option to “Save as…”

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