In the Fair City (CD)

First released in 2017, this CD is a recording of the SFO live at Perth Concert Hall in February 2016.

It features a range of ensemble pieces from the orchestra (from jigs and reels to slow airs), fiddle and bagpipe solos, songs from Colette Ruddy (mezzo soprano) and Dennis Haggerty (tenor) and, of course, some of our most popular orchestra and pipe band melodies – Scotland the Brave, Keltic Odyssey and MacPherson’s Farewell. Vale of Atholl Pipe Band are our local guests on this occasion, providing powerful support.

The price of the CD is £12, and postage and packing is £2 in addition.

This CD is also available on iTunes and Amazon Music.

SFO – In the Fair City

(1) Piper Entrance: Piper – Martin Duncan (2:43)

The Battle of The Somme (William Lawrie)
The Heights of Dargai (J Wallace)
Sledgehead (Neil Dickie)

(2) Our Princess Royal (JM Mason) (3:58)

(3) Pipe Marches (3:37)

Donald McLean’s Farewell to Oban (Archie MacNeil)
The Trip to the Palace (Bill Cook)

(4) The Queen’s Maries (Trad) (Mezzo Soprano: Colette Ruddy) (3:18)

(5) Reels (4:04)

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (J. Robertson)
Birkhall (J. Robertson)
The New High Level (A Rankine)
Kirk’s Hornpipe (Trad)
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (reprise)

(6) Slow Air (5:17)

Lament for the Death of the Rev. Archie Beaton (Soloist: Yla Steven) (J Mason)

(7) March, Strathspey and Reel (3:45)

The Fairy Flag at Dunvegan
The Fairy Bridge (Skye)
A Year and a Day (All composed by Bill Cook)

(8) The Roses o’ Prince Charlie (Trad) (Tenor: Dennis Haggerty) (3:11)

(9) Round the Bend Jigs (3:01)

Round the Bend (J Mason)
Calliope House (D Richardson)
Jim Anderson’s Delight (R Cooper)
Miss Bennet’s Jig (Charles Duff)
Round the Bend (reprise)

(10) Orchestra with Vale of Atholl Pipe Band (4:02)

Keltic Odyssey (Carrickfergus / The Water is Wide) (Trad / arr J Mason)

(11) Piper Dance set: Piper – Jamie Westhead (3:19)

Inveran (George S McLennan)
George A. Esson QPM LLB (PM C Watson)
Minuette (A Clark)
The Boys of the Lough (Trad) (3:19)

(12) Eightsome Reel (4:14) (Arr JM Mason)

Mrs MacLeod
The Fairy Dance
The De’il Amang the Tailors
Soldier’s Joy
The Mason’s Apron
Staten Island
Kate Dalrymple

(13) Cearcall a’ Chuain (C&R MacDonald) (Colette Ruddy) (4:13)

(14) Jigs by the Gow Family (3:57)

Sir John Henderson (Niel Gow)
The Earl of Morton’s Jig (W Gow)
Miss Rae of Eskgrove (Nath Gow)
Ayr Races (John Gow)
Miss Chalmers (Niel Gow)
Sir John Henderson (Niel Gow)

(15) The Pearl (P Cunningham / arr A McGarva) (4:19)

(16) Two-Step (2:45)

The Dance of the Basses (J Mason)

(17) Bonnie Gallowa’ (Trad / arr J Mason) (Dennis Haggerty) (3:34)

(18) Irish Jigs (2:51)

The Irish Washerwoman
The Rakes of Kildare
Sorry to Part
The Rollicking Irishman
The Irish Washerwoman

(19) MacPherson’s Farewell (Trad. / arr B Parham) (4:52)

(20) Scotland the Brave (Trad. / arr J Mason) (2:13)