Blair speaks about the SFO 2020 Tour rescheduling

Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Conductor, Blair Parham, has delivered a video message to set out the reasoning behind what was, in the end, an inevitable postponement of the 40th Anniversary Tour to the USA and Canada from 28 March 2020 to 08 April 2020.

Watch the following video for details or read a full transcript of the text of what Blair says, set out below the video.

Hi there.

Blair here – Conductor of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

Some bad news, I’m afraid, in that the tour to North America – that we were so looking forward to coming on – has had to be rescheduled.

We’re not cancelling; we’re postponing it for the time being.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the situation with the coronavirus has hit everyone globally in many different ways and unfortunately our tour has had to be rescheduled.

We had been reviewing the situation for the past few weeks very closely, looking at all the eventualities and came to the decision several days ago that actually it would be best if we postpone it. Obviously, in the last couple of days or so, that decision has been made for us, anyway, with the travel bans that have been put in place.

We’re really sorry.

I’m sure you understand the reasons why we’ve taken this decision but we’re looking forward to coming next year – April and March 2021.

So, we’re visiting North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada – as I say, the end of March into April 2021.

We’re really sorry not to see you this year, on our 40th anniversary celebrations, but hope to see you when we turn 41.

Stay safe. Take care.

Bye for now.


  1. Vera Hamilton says:

    Since you will be flying consider adding western Canada. I believe some orchestra members have been to Regina and in 2013 [ in Scotland] one did say they would enjoy returning.

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