Audio Compact Discs

Scottish Tranquillity (2013)
Spirit Of The Northern Sky (2013)
30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (2012)
Burns An’ A’ That (2011)
Highland Cathedral (2011)
Silver Jubilee: Celebrating 25 Years (2011)
A Beautiful Scottish Evening (2005)
Serenity (2005)
Anniversay: the 21st Anniversay Concert (2000)
The Best of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (2000)
The Fiddler’s Dance (2000)
The Three Cities (2000)
Canada ‘o’ Canada (1998)
Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Plays Toronto (1998)
The Legendary Scottish Fiddle Orhcestra (1997)
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra at The Royal Albert Hall (1997)
Prince of the Mists (1995)
Edinburgh the Festival City (1994)
Let Glasgow Flourish (1994)
Over the Water (1994)
The Northern Lights: Gala Concert From Aberdeen (1994)
The Fiddler’s Party (1993)
Rose Of Galloway