A Selection From The Caird and Usher Halls (CD)

First released in 2017, this CD is a compilation recording of the SFO live at two separate concerts in 2014: in The Caird Hall, Dundee; and The Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

It is an entirely instrumental selection, with solo fiddling (Yla Steven) and bagpiping (Martin Duncan) amongst the ensemble pieces featuring the orchestra (sometimes joined also by the Edradour Pitlochry and Blair Atholl Pipe Band). Among the favourites here: Highland Cathedral; a set of Shetland Reels including Willafjord; and Willie Hunter’s beautiful slow air, Leaving Lerwick Harbour.

The price of the CD is £12, and postage and packing is £2 in addition.

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SFO – A Selection from The Caird and Usher Halls

(1) Patrol March (Comp./arr. John Mason) (2:35)

Fiddlers to the Fore

(2) Pipe Marches (Arr. Bill Cook) (3:12)

(a) The Islay Malts (Comp. Bill Cook)
(b) Leaving Port Askaig (Comp. PM Willie Ross)

(3) Jigs (All Trad. / Arr. John Mason) (2:59)

(a) Teviot Bridge
(b) The New Rigged Ship
(c) The Stool of Repentance
(d) Mary Bain’s Wedding
(e) A Hundred Pipers

(4) Shetland Reels (Arr. Bill Cook)

(a) Hurlock’s Reel (Comp. Tom Anderson)
(b) Miss Susan Cooper (Comp. Ronnie Cooper)
(c) Spootiskerry (Comp. Ian Burns)
(d) Calum Donaldson (Comp. Ronnie Cooper)
(e) Willafjord (Trad.)

(5) Violin Solo (Soloist: Yla Steven BEM) (Arr. John Mason) (5:04)

Leaving Lerwick Harbour (Comp. Willie Hunter)

(6) Two-Step (Comp. / Arr. Bill Cook) (2:45)

Sporting Heroes (Commonwealth Games)

(7) March, Strathspey and Reel (Arr. Bill Cook) (3:23)

(a) Carnegie’s Welcome to Scotland (Comp. J Scott Skinner)
(b) Stirling Castle (Comp. Prof. C. Bannatyne)
(c) Timour the Tartar (Trad.)

(8) 2 / 4 Marches (Comp. / Arr. Bill Cook) (3:41)

(a) The SFO’s Compliments to Edradour Whisky
(b) Ben Vrackie

(9) Patrol March (Comp. / Arr. John Mason) (2:35)

Willie Kidd’s Welcome to Orkney

(10) Country Dance Reels (Arr. Bill Cook) (2:43)

(a) Norman Whitelaw (Comp. Angus Fitchet)
(b) The Deveron Reel (Comp. Neil Grant)
(c) Dr. Robertson (Comp. Angus Fitchet)
(d) Willie Anderson of Dalharn (Comp. George Bell)

(11) The Homecoming Two-Step (Compiled by John Mason)

(a) An Orkney Melody (Trad.)
(b) St Magnus Chimes (Comp. John Mason)
(c) The Maple Leaf Forever (Trad.)
(d) John Brown’s Body (Trad.)

(12) The Conundrum Hornpipes (Arr. John Mason) (4:07)

(a) Gerry’s Conundrum (Comp. John Mason)
(b) The Boys of Bluehill (Trad.)
(c) The College Hornpipe (Trad.)

(13) Battle Tunes of the Pipes (Arr. John Mason) (4:36)

(a) When the Battle’s O’er (Trad.)
(b) The Heroes of Vittoria (Comp. John Mclean)
(c) The Battle of the Somme (Comp. PM William Laurie)
(d) The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain (Comp. PM JJ Riddell)
(e) When the Battle’s O’er (Reprise)

(14) March, Strathspey and Reel (Comp. J. Scott Skinner / Arr. Bill Cook) (3:55)

(a) Edgefauld House
(b) The Glenlivet
(c) Carnie’s Canter

(15) Irish Jigs (All Trad. / Arr. WS Dunlop) (2:51)

(a) Blackthorn Stick
(b) Jackson’s Jig
(c) Rory O’ More
(d) Roarin’ Jelly
(e) Pet o’ the Pipers

(16) Highland Cathedral (Comp. Roever / Korb / Arr. John Mason) (3:34)